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Hi there, I'm Taylor Moulton owner, editor and lead photographer of Wombs to weddings Photography and here's a little insight into what makes me - me! I'm a lively, creative night owl, a boba tea fanatic, and a wannabe gardener. I do my best cleaning when I'm angry, I'm a momma to one little boy who is mind bogglingly athletic; Yes, I wear that sports mom badge very proudly and a little girl who is still on the way! I found my complete polar opposite soulmate, then I married him and asked him to join me in business (crazily enough he agreed to both) I grew up in citrus county, FL and now we're raising our children here too. I love all kinds of animals, thrift stores, traveling anywhere new, documentary lifestyle photography and more than anything else and most importantly, The Lord. God has been so good to me, in fact you are only reading this line right here and right now because of what he has done in my life and the calling he has allowed me to live out. All the glory be to God.  

Meet my team

From the womb to wedding aisle and every phase of life in between.

My Story

When everyone I knew in high school was trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives post graduation, I oddly already knew... I knew that, whatever that feeling was I got when I would slip a photograph into the developer solution and watch it magically appear before my eyes in the red light of the dark room was something I needed to keep pursuing. So I did, all the way to Daytona State College for photographic technology and then right into applying for my own licensed and insured LLC small business. While the medium has changed, the pure joy of getting to do what I do has only increased. YOUR wedding day, YOUR intimate relationship with YOUR spouse. YOUR special moments with YOUR kids. YOUR unique birth story. All of these moments in life are specific to every person and they are gone in the blink of an eye, I want to be the woman you are so happy you contacted to seize the moment of what your life is like right now, organically and genuinely. Here's a little about my work and what you can expect to receive: I love golden rim light, I love photographing reactions, I love true to life color and vibrance and richness in my edits, I love details and closeness. I love shallow depth of field. I love capturing personalities and the authentic love my clients have for one another. I love movement and emotion and the story that's being told through lifestyle photography. I love staring at photographs that set my soul on fire; the ones that make me want to tear up and keep looking at them over and over like I'm trying to re-read them. I love when clients find me who value and are searching for all of these things too, because that's when things go from "this is pretty good, to this is something I will treasure my whole life." I'm excited to chat with you more and answer any questions that you may have. I look so forward to hearing from you soon! Be blessed.                                            



That good lookin' bearded fella over there is my wonderful, extroverted husband. We met and fell in love in 2016 when I was hired to photograph his baby sister's - baby shower. Married him during a pandemic, and in 2021 started training him to work alongside me to capture video for our couples on wedding days. He's the smile that brightens the room, the glue that holds our family together. He's the best tennis player, the kindest father and the reason I know Jesus today. 

Dylan + Olivia

Second shooters

  These are my other two partners in crime on wedding days. While Shuli bounces back and forth everywhere on a wedding day. Either Dylan or Olivia will be where I can't; while I photograph the details, they'll capture the hair and make up shots, when I'm getting the girls done they'll be with the guys so on and so forth. They are an invaluable part of my team because they ensure that no one gets less coverage than they deserve, every thing that happens is captured and every moment we're together of your wedding day adds more photos and more perspectives of moments for you to enjoy! 

A little about Dylan:
We met in 2010 at Daytona state college, while both pursing photography degrees; assisting each other whenever we can through out all these years. He's an expert "boutonniere pinner",  an awesome message relayer and a phenomenal photographer. 


A little about Olivia:
I'm the oldest of five and she's the youngest, lover of country music and cowboy boots, she's a fabulously tall southern blondie, who like me has a love for photography and an artistic eye.


Social media manager

This is my little sister Cassidy, aka "Spicy peanut" looking at that picture I'm sure you could guess why we all used to call her that. Cassidy helps to do all the unseen work that goes into my business; the posting, the scheduling, the filming of the behind the scenes is all Cass. It's a major load off of my shoulders and I'm happy to hand her the reins for all the content creating so I can stick to what really lights my fire, which is photographing YOU :) Occasionally you may see her also pick up a camera as a second shooter as well. 


I believe that wedding photography is done best when couples have a relationship with their photographer and fully trust them. And how could I expect you to fully trust me if I didn't go the extra mile where ever I can and love on you like no other professional in this industry ever has. Keep reading to find out about all my experience has to offer.

Working with Taylor will exceed every expectation you have!


Whether you are in search of a wedding photographer, a birth photographer or maybe just someone to update your family, I would love the honor of capturing the beautiful story that is your life.

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